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Looking for a place to print custom ID CardsYokepress is one of the fastest and most reliable ID card printers in the world. Our Top notch Customer Service which allows you to order for your ID cards from the comfort of your home or office and have them delivered to you in a few days.

At Yokepress, there’s an array of different machines suitable for all types and manner of printing. We also offer quality insight into different printing services. In this article, we would be looking at custom ID card types suitable for your business.

Types of Identity Cards

There are different types of Identity Cards and each one varies based on use and certain specifications. Types of Identity cards include:

PVC cards

These are plastic Identity cards. They are made with both adhesive backs and non-adhesive backs. The standard size is about R 80 for the smaller ones, which are about the size of your average credit card. The thickness varies between `10 mil and 80 mil, depending on preference. They can be either portrait or landscape.

Proximity Cards

These are identity cards with an embedded antenna that stores data. They are called electronic cards as they are used on special data readers. The data can be read when the card is in close proximity to the reader. They are mostly used by Multinationals and big corporate organizations.

Pre-printed Cards

These are cards that are customized for certain purposes. They are printed using variable data fields. They are mostly printed in bulk for multiple personnel usage. They may have no unique data field like name or position. The designs may just contain a uniform title and a barcode. Other forms of ID cards include; Visitor access cards, school ID cards, magnetic stripe cards e.t.c.

Types of Identity Cards Lamination

There are 2 main types of Identity card lamination and they include:

Clear Lamination

This is done when a clear protective layer is applied to your printed cards. For this lamination, no images or designs are printed on the protective layer.

Holographic Lamination

This can be said to be a customized type of lamination. This involves printing a design or image on the clear laminate before transferring it to the ID card. This lamination is used mostly by companies to avoid duplication of ID cards by non-personnel of the company. It also used to give your ID card a shiny look or sheen and it is slightly expensive.

Benefits Of Identity Cards

Identity cards are very beneficial for your business regardless of size or industry. Some are listed below:


Identity cards provide a sense of security for your business. It prevents third parties and unwanted people from prying or getting involved with your business.

Brand Visibility

Your ID cards are like mini business cards. Attending a client meeting with your ID Card on gives a professional air and introduces people to your brand further.

Tracking Services

One unique feature of Identity Cards is its ability to be customized. They can be customized as time cards that track your staff’s attendance and monitor security around your workspace.

Designing Your Identity Cards

Your identity cards must be designed using accurate colors, images, and Logos. If you lack design skills or have no graphic designer to design for you, well, you can hire our designer at a token fee. However, when designing, there are several design elements you must put in consideration, such as:


Your brand colors determine your design and therefore, the accurate Pantone shade must be used when designing to avoid errors when printing.


Your Identity card has crucial information written on it and so, the accurate font must be used to ensure clarity and legibility of information.

Images and Logo

The image that is to be used on your design, whether as logos or actually images must be of a good quality. High resolution images with formats like JPEG, PNG or PDF are mostly preferred.

Print Quality Identity Cards from Yokepress

When you need quality printing, think Yokepress!!! Yokepress is your trusted print partner for all printing services. You can send us a mail and have a taste of our amazing quality at or chat us up from our website. We are at your service 24/7.

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