What is large format print? There’s a big difference between large format print and just making large prints. Conventional printing presses are limited in the size of print they can produce. Modern presses like the Roland high definition large format digital printers we use at yokepress are much more advanced and versatile than traditional presses. They’re much quicker and cheaper to run. The print quality is better than ever with rich, vibrant colours and superb image reproduction. But the big advantage is that these presses can print out large format print jobs such as 50m long vinyl banners in one piece, quickly and at a much lower cost than you might think.

Roll Up Banner / X-Banner

These are extremely popular, portable promotional tools used everywhere from retail or business premises to exhibitions and event venues.

PVC Vinyl Banners (Flex Banner)

Hard-wearing and water-resistant PVC vinyl banners can be up to 50m long and come with eyelets for easy hanging or with pockets for billbaord installation. Whether you’re growing a brand, promoting a product, you can do it in a big way with a banner. We use 550gsm high quality flex banner for the production of billboard material for your marketing campaign.

Indoor and outdoor posters

With our large format printing services you can have 48 and 96 sheet posters as easily as A-sized posters quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Self-adhesive vinyl (SAV (sticker)

Long lasting and durable self-adhesive vinyl is perfect for making a big impact inside or out. Our high definition digital printers produce eye-catching vinyl graphics that are equally striking on windows, walls or hoardings.See-through window graphics: Printed using a series of dots that have a black coating on the inside, these graphics allow those inside to see out. However, while those outside can see your advertising or imagery perfectly, they can’t see in. So you can carry on with your work (or play) away from prying eyes.

What is considered large format printing?

Wide format printers (large format printers) are generally accepted to be any computer-controlled printing machines (printers) that support a maximum print roll width of between 18″ and 100″. Printers with capacities over 100″ wide are considered super-wide or grand format.

What is PVC flex banner?

PVC flex is made out of PVC and fabric raw material, specially designed for solvent printing industry. … Flex is a sheet of polythene widely used to deliver high quality digital print for outdoor hoardings and banner, mainly printed by large color plotters in CMYK mode.

What is the standard size of roll up banner?

850mm x 2000mm tall
The most common size of roll up banner is 850mm x 2000mm tall.

What is sav in printing?

Vinyl banner are a form of outdoor advertising. Most banners are now digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full colour outdoor billboard on a single piece of material.

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